This wiki is an extended part of me. Some kind of personal assistance. I will be using it to sort out my thoughts, my knowledge. To do that effectively, I need some kind of rules to organize it in a way that make sense to my brain.This is not a one time thing, rather it will be iterative. I will change it whenever it does not make any sense or I find a better way to do it.


  1. Everything that is added in here must make sense to my brain. I will not simply copy something from an article or book. I must first process it in my brain. It might be things that I do not know but I need to have some context of what it is suppose to do.

  2. Things that I already know or is a part of me, I will not be adding it here. Things like writing A to Z, multiplication. Basically things that I will never forget, even if I didn't use it for couple of years.